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NSR is the oldest and most respected free college scouting service in the world. We have been providing college coaches with quality scouting information on good athletes since 1980. If you have been using our service, you also know that we only promote quality athletes who not only are recommended by their high school or club coaches, but also have met our high standards. Since there is such a wide range of competition in college athletics, it would be foolish for us to try to determine who would fit where, especially since many of our prospects are high school freshman and sophomores. We do have some high-profile "blue chip" players, but, of course, some prospects may only be able to compete at a lower level. We provide continuous quality scouting information to you, so that you can determine who might fit your needs. We will continue to provide you with thorough up-to-date scouting information on the top athletes just as we have been doing for 25 years. This includes sending you each month complete scouting reports, personal high school coach evaluations, character references, and access a to full-length, top-quality videotape of the prospect, which of course, is essential. We hope you will continue to recruit our outstanding athletes that meet your needs, just as you have in the past. You can be assured that National Scouting Report does not accept unqualified athletes or those who are only "wannabes". Please let us know your particular needs, and we will do our best to help you, within NCAA guidelines. There is never a charge to any college or coach and all of our information is available to every college in the country.

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